image of Lorien in her Art Foundation video class

We aim to inspire, encourage, inform and support you in building your art practice and to feel good through creative self-expression! We strongly believe that everyone is an artist, that anyone can learn to make art!

If you were ever told you cannot draw or paint or heard any other limiting words that have stopped you from being creative artistically, I encourage you to reclaim your Divine inner artist now. It is never too late. ALL ages, genders and levels are welcome!!!

The Art Foundations Video Series focuses on the basics of the artistic creative process. We will explore and play with these fundamental layers to build/refresh skills, increase knowledge and develop confidence in art making.

I just watched your Episode 1 art class video -- such a well done, informative and uplifting 13 minutes! I love it - makes art very, very accessible. You also answered a years' long question - what medium is best for me - gouache !!! It feels so much more natural than acrylic and has the qualities of both watercolor and acrylic - perfect! You're carrying such a lovely quality as you speak - warm, light, clear and so engaged with "us" in the audience. Beautiful. I am signing up. A few weeks later .... I also thoroughly enjoyed listening to your Episodes 2 and 3. I went to do the color wheel and the four-part painting. What I found wonderful is the way you present. It makes me feel as though I am there with you and the encouragement to do it however it turns out - outside the lines and no "mistakes". Even though I "know" this approach to learning and even teach it in my own modality - there is something special/invigorating/ different about being led into action with those non-rules in real time. You got me painting Lórien! and that is a feat. Much appreciation and great work!
~ Eugenie, North Carolina