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I am an artist and teacher helping people of all ages, like you, find the space to nourish your Divine inner artist, so you can feel confident creating beautiful art while cultivating deep self-love, healing, empowerment and an "I can do" attitude in life!

I am here to gently and lovingly show you the way through your own creative process. I do this to you through my
Art with Lórien learning programs using my Aloha Method™ that supports you to embark on your creative path with passion and confidence.

In my studio I produce a rich and evolving collection of mixed media paintings on a variety of surfaces; for example,
French cotton paper or gallery wrap canvas. I incorporate pigments, inks, crystals, minerals and a selection of magical elements. My magical elements include Reiki blessings, crystal and solar/lunar energy-infused water and my pure intention to beautify your world.

I take great pleasure in creativity of all kinds! I am an enthusiastic, fun-loving, creative innovator, who has a passion for beauty, nature, humor, curiosity, and an insatiable love for art and self expression!

My Magical Mojo!

My Aloha Method™ is an integrative, heart-centered five-step process that I created for you. It's inspired by my own painting process, my love for the Hawaiian Islands, and the Spirit of Aloha as a way of life. As a child, my family spent time on the island of Maui and I have continued to visit over the course of my life, influencing my natural, spirited and creative lifestyle. The spirit of Aloha means "to be present to the breath of life" and this is what inspires my life's work as an artist and artist educator.

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My Inspiration

What inspires me is all around me, all the time, like oxygen. What inspires me is the natural world on Earth, the cosmos, love, natural beauty, color, family, good friends, the ocean, kindness, puppies, and all that is good in our world. Truly there are infinite possibilities of inspiration ~ my motivation to stay inspired moves me to seek, find and express the spirit of beauty and truth.

If you're curious about some of the inspirations which fuel my world, check out my blog post on my invitation to inspiration Blog.

My Background

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in sunny Laguna Niguel, California. I am an artist and have been creating at least since I was three years old with support from my artist dad and flight attendant mom. I am proud to be an award-winning educator who has taught visual arts in the Los Angeles public schools and internationally for over 15 years. Now I am a creative entrepreneur who maintains a thriving art studio, called Waterfront Studios™ where I also teach online small group art classes to children (see Art with Lorien for Kids) and adults (see Art with Lorien Online ). I reside with my partner Kevin, and fun-loving MuBee, our AKC Canine Good Citizen certified goldador, in Laguna Niguel, CA.


I graduated from San Francisco State University (B.A. Studio Art), St. Lawrence University, New York (M.Ed.) and attended Otis College of Art and Design and CSU International Programs in Florence, Italy. I maintain a California State Teaching Credential in K-12 Art and achieved a National Board Certification in Art.

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