I teach spiritual art classes to help people of all ages, like you, liberate their stifled artist, so they can feel confident to create beautiful art while cultivating deep self-love, healing, empowerment and an “I can do” attitude in life!

I truly believe art has the power to heal.

I’m excited to teach you my five-step Aloha Method,™ a holistic and highly effective creative process designed to allow your inner artist to feel safe, inspired, enthused and confident to passionately create amazing art!

I first fell in love with Lórien's art several years ago when some of her works were being shown at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. I love what she creates. When she recently emailed me that she was giving a workshop I jumped on the opportunity! Lórien is a born teacher. She helped me create several paintings. She also uses guided meditation to bring out your inner artist and creativity. The workshop was so inspiring. The next day I ran out to get my art supplies. I could hardly wait to get home to start painting my new creations. I would highly recommend taking Lórien's workshops. She also teaches advanced art workshops which I will take full advantage of. Thank you Lórien for inspiring me to the extent that you have!
~ Ava Guiness, Laguna Niguel, CA

Join Lórien Eck, an award-winning educator who teaches people of all ages about the wonders of color, texture and the magic of the creative process. “My passion is sharing my excitement and love for the creative fire within and the act of creation itself expressed through painting. My class sizes are small to ensure a meaningful learning environment and individual attention for all. I am inspired to provide you and yours with the opportunity to grow into your capacity for living creatively and artfully!”

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I just watched your Episode 1 art class video -- such a well done, informative and uplifting 13 minutes! I love it - makes art very, very accessible. You also answered a years' long question - what medium is best for me - gouache !!! It feels so much more natural than acrylic and has the qualities of both watercolor and acrylic - perfect!

You carrying such a lovely quality as you speak - warm, light, clear and so engaged with "us" in the audience. Beautiful. I am signing up.

A few weeks later .... I also thoroughly enjoyed listening to your Episodes 2 and 3. I went to do the color wheel and the four-part painting. What I found wonderful is the way you present. It makes me feel as though I am there with you and the encouragement to do it however it turns out - outside the lines and no "mistakes".

Even though I "know" this approach to learning and even teach it in my own modality - there is something special/invigorating/ different about being led into action with those non-rules in real time. You got me painting Lórien! and that is a feat. Much appreciation and great work!
~Eugenie, North Carolina

"The Ms. Eck’s of this world are difficult and rare to find. As an educator, she has gone above and beyond teaching her students the importance of art, which is too often overlooked, and also by encouraging each and every one of them to reach their full potential as individuals.  Ms. Eck opened up the doors to a world of color to a world where all of her students, including myself, felt safe and able to express ourselves and not feel judged.”
~Guadalupe Salgado

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