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Art with Lórien is here to teach people of all ages about the wonders of color, texture, and the magic of feeling good through creative self-expression!

My art classes focus on the artistic creative process. We explore and play with these fundamental layers to build skills, increase knowledge and develop confidence in art making as lifelong practice.

My passion and purpose is to inspire, encourage and support you in connecting with your inner spark of creativity.

I truly believe art has the power to heal. As we heal our selves, we heal all - the Earth and her inhabitants.

Join Lórien Eck, an award-winning educator who teaches people of all ages about the wonders of color, texture and the magic of the creative process. “My passion is sharing my excitement and love for the creative fire within and the act of creation itself expressed through painting.

Did you know? Brain research shows the arts promote mental health, overall wellness and lower stress! 

My class sizes are small to ensure a meaningful learning environment and individual attention for all. I am inspired to provide you and yours with the opportunity to grow into your capacity for living creatively and artfully!

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Offering Private Custom Art Classes for 1 to 2 individuals with Lórien Eck M.Ed. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss how we can support your artmaking dreams and inspirations.

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Customizable Private/Semi-private Classes for Kids

A gift for kids of all ages that lasts a lifetime.
Excite imagination with fun & interactive classes from Art with Lórien.

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Lórien is a master teacher whose creativity and enthusiasm for art and for supporting the inner artist in me is not only pure joy, but what I produced under her tutelage was beyond my expectations. I took an Art with Lórien Online class with her and the outcome was spectacular given the short time, the somewhat complex subject matter ( Aurora Borealis and a night sky and landscape) and my inexperience with watercolors. Lórien was so well prepared; she was clear and patient with her instructions, and she painted with us so we could see the different brushstrokes to get different effects. The whole experience was uplifting, fun and educational. I cannot wait to do more classes Lórien. Thank you.
~ Stella, North Carolina

"As a first time watercolor student and doing only my second painting in my life, I had some trepidation at taking this class. Within the first five minutes I felt totally at ease and excited to get painting. Lorien has such an enthusiasm for teaching her craft and her attitude of experimentation rather than exactitude was incredibly helpful for this perfectionist.

Her instructions were given with clarity and lightheartedness, actually a sense of joyful sharing. This helped me relax and take risks and I ended up really liking my painting and more importantly, wanting to do another. Lorien made everything fun and easy. And no matter how frustrated I got, she was always there with a gentle touch using her ample experience and talent to help guide me out of my mess.

I liked too, that she also painted with us, so we could see what she was describing. I am so happy I went through with taking her class!!”
~ Charles Kouns, Co-Founding Steward of Butterfly Farm Sanctuary, North Carolina

Lorien gave us adequate time to learn techniques, was well prepared to get us going, detailed by posting us information on what we would need for the class, friendly, warm, and quite encouraging to each of us. I would certainly take a class from her again as well as recommend her.
~ Rosalind Russell, Laguna Beach, CA

"Lórien is an upbeat, creative, knowledgeable educator who is a delight to work with. Her energy, innovative ideas, and follow-through make her a valuable member of any team. She inspires her students and fellow educators."
~Ted Lai, Education Development Executive at Apple

"Lórien has always impressed me with her deep desire and authentic wish to truly make the world a more beautiful place and to share her love and joy of creation with others. Over the years I have seen Lórien powerfully progress and eloquently evolve her talents and abilities as a visionary artist, a devoted teacher and inspirational soul. I would highly recommend Lórien's amazing art, her capacity as a facilitator and as a dear and trusted friend and colleague of collaboration! Thank You."
~Alicia Mary Smith (Andara Shekina)
Energy Alchemist, Evolutionary Soul Coach, Vibrational Healer, Visionary WayShower

"I was thrilled to have Lórien teach her Playshop to my yoga students. She incorporated spiritual practices with creativity and helped the students explore their inner landscape with the use of art, intuition and paints. The result was very positive thanks to her mindful guidance, passion and expertise on the subject matter. I highly recommend Lórien!"
~Keren E. Bensoussan,
Owner of Yoga Creative Center,
Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

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