Enrolling Now! Live Zoom Art Classes & Courses for Kids ages 6-12

I am so happy to be offering Art with Lórien interactive and fully inclusive small group art classes for kids! 

I invite you to explore my offerings of classes focusing on magical mixed media, watercolors and many, many more!

Offering single meeting classes, multi-day classes and flexible, self-paced classes for all types of learners.  

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"My daughter had a wonderful time and she produced the loveliest watercolor paintings with Ms. Eck's teaching. We can't wait to join another class!"
~ Amy S.

"My daughter absolutely LOVED Lórien and her class. Couldn’t have enjoyed it more really. Lórien is wonderful with the kids and so patient and kind. My daughter now has a whole book of watercolor paintings that she loves to show off to everyone. Thanks Lórien for being so awesome!"
~ Lindsay S.

"With each class my daughter takes from Ms. Eck, her art work improves. It's great to know my daughter enjoys being around Ms. Eck and is improving at something she loves."
~ Shawna E.

"My 11-year old daughter really enjoyed this class. Excellent teacher who was really helpful and offered lots of great instruction and techniques. Really recommend it."
~ Andrea F.

"My 7-year old son took several courses by Lorien because she is an incredible person, a professional artist, very kind and so patient with children. Her lessons are great! My son learned a lot from Ms. Eck!"
~ Angelika S.

"My Daughter LOVES how engaging Lórien is! I love overhearing how encouraging and sweet Lórien is with all her students. Don't miss out on this class because you will regret it."
~ Emily V.

"My daughter loves this class and Ms. Eck. She enjoyed the class, and learned a lot from the teacher. Highly Recommend."
~ Fiona W.

"One of the best art classes there is! Very excellent and encouraging teacher. Daughter was very happy and proud of her work." 
~ Julie H.

"My daughter is typically uncomfortable with Zoom sessions that have children whom she does not know. Lórien creates a loving, welcoming, and safe space for her students. My daughter not only felt enthusiastic to make the art, but also comfortable and willing to share and interact with the entire group." 
~ Colleen Z

"The Ms. Eck’s of this world are difficult and rare to find. As an educator, she has gone above and beyond teaching her students the importance of art, which is too often overlooked, and also by encouraging each and every one of them to reach their full potential as individuals. Ms. Eck opened up the doors to a world of color to a world where all of her students, including myself, felt safe and able to express ourselves and not feel judged.”
~Guadalupe Salgado