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Art Classes with Lórien Eck M.Ed., professional artist/teacher

The direct student-teacher in a private or small group interaction promotes a much deeper and richer learning experience since the instruction is geared towards individual concerns or needs.

Some of the Watercolor skills and Techniques** that we will focus on in a customized class or class series of classes are:

• Deepen knowledge about watercolor brushes/paints, substrates (papers), incorporating pencil drawing, using tools, and water- reactive substances

• Learn how to begin a watercolor painting (wet-on-wet vs. wet-on- dry)

• Practice mixing, blending, diluting, and building up colors

• Practice precision painting

• Consider composition and negative space

• Learn how to work in layers and create textures

• Use color theory to create visually dynamic compositions

• Develop personal style and techniques

• Develop and create an intentional original watercolor composition from start to finish

• In person art instruction can be set up on location at my home studio in coastal Southern California.

A list of recommended art supplies will be provided.

*Student supplies art materials.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss how we can support your art making dreams and inspirations.

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**Bonus Art with Lórien Foundation Series- 16 Videos- Color Theory Lessons
+More -Lifetime Access

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