Awakening the Confident Creator Signature Course

Taught by Lórien Eck.


Awakening the Confident Creator Course

My Self-Paced Online Art Workshop to Nourish Your Divine Inner Artist
and Cultivate Self-Love and Confidence.

You can create the space and learn the skills to make beautiful,
meaningful art.


In this spiritually-oriented art class, I use my transformative Aloha Method™ to gently guide busy, modern women to slow down, find inspiration, and encourage your inner artist to come out and play!

The five-step Aloha Method™ is a holistic and highly effective creative process designed to allow your inner artist to feel safe, inspired, enthused and confident to passionately create amazing art!

Believe me, I know it can be a huge challenge to find the time, space, materials, energy and inspiration to even begin a creative practice. And, I know that having even a little support can make a world of difference in taking that courageous step into your creative magical universe!

Awakening the Confident Creator is perfect for you if you...

• Feel overwhelmed, stressed out or depleted.

• Feel too busy to slow down or find time for stillness and white space.

• If you are experiencing bouts of low self esteem, feeling the blues, feel stuck, or lacking enthusiasm for positive change...

• Feel that you have always wanted to pick up a paintbrush and paint, but feel afraid, stuck or simply do not know where or how to start.

• Feel ready to take your creativity to the next level! Perhaps you have tried coloring books, but are again feeling stifled, bored or
  stuck.(Studies have shown that it may be more beneficial to use your imagination to create your own lines instead of drawing within lines
  that are already there. Hmm, now that’s an inspiring tid bit!)

Creative expression is essential to our happiness and well-being!

Your participation in my Awakening the Confident Creator Signature Course will support you in ways that you can only imagine!

You will feel more confident because creativity fuels confidence, passion and even helps us to solve problems more easily! In fact, studies
  show there is a direct correlation between creativity and a high quality of life. Regularly engaging in art making activities lowers stress
  levels as seen in studies where the stress hormone cortisol is significantly lowered.

You will feel more alive and free because when we liberate and honor our vibrant creative energies, we feel an aliveness that is unlimited,
  (you feel that you can be, do have anything that you can dream of!)

Your inner joy, a sense of wonder, inner peace, imagination will be awakened and you will feel transformed from the inside out.

You will now have unlimited access with full permission to create amazing paintings as your Divine inner   artist and inner child who
  knows deep down how that she can create anything that she can imagine!

You will have beautiful lasting evidence of your growth through your own gorgeous handmade color-rich paintings!

You will learn new art making skills, acquire practical self-care tools and strategies to feel capable and excited to create new art on an
  ongoing basis!

Your precious innocent spirit will begin to feel safe again to express herself without judgment or that pesky inner critic trying to spoil
  all of the fun! You will learn tools for how to manage your inner critic and keep the access to your divine inner artist thriving!

Awakening the Confident Creator – Course Details:

• 5 pre-recorded HD Videos-approx. 2-3 hours total, hands-on life-transforming art-making workshop

• FREE Support materials: Learning Guide with Materials list, Color Guides, Tips, two Tools of the Trade Series videos and more.

• Lifetime access to the course

BONUS: You'll receive discounts on my other online courses forever!

Sign up and awaken your inner Confident Creator today!

~ Art has the power to heal.


I first fell in love with Lórien's art several years ago when some of her works were being shown at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. I love what she creates. When she recently emailed me that she was giving a workshop I jumped on the opportunity! Lórien is a born teacher. She helped me create several paintings. She also uses guided meditation to bring out your inner artist and creativity. The workshop was so inspiring. The next day I ran out to get my art supplies. I could hardly wait to get home to start painting my new creations. I would highly recommend taking Lórien's workshops. She also teaches advanced art workshops which I will take full advantage of. Thank you Lórien for inspiring me to the extent that you have!
~ Ava Guiness

Learn more about Lórien here.

image of the artist, Lorien Eck