Collection: Angelics

divine sky painting

"Divine Sky" - 22" x 30" - Mixed media on paper

100% Archival matted, double floated, and custom framed ready to install
Outer dimensions approximately 30" x 36"

Currently Listed at $1500

Space and the cosmos is a fabric that can bend or twist and is the fabric of the cosmos. With human created “linear time”, it forms a four-dimensional fabric. The fact that the speed of light — the space traveled by light per second — is the same for everyone whether moving or not shows that space-time adjusts itself in a way that light seems to travel at the same speed no matter what.
Each work emanates the micro and macro. Through my process, I viscerally dive into rich layers of intention revealing cosmic and celestial themes to her viewers.
These paintings help you reconnect to the celestial bodies above, while grounding you in the astronomy that inspired them.

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