Water Series

mixed media painting entitled water II

"Water II" - 30 inches x 48 inches x 1.5 inches - Mixed media on canvas

This painting features the crystal Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene because of its soft white light and many healing benefits. Selenite is extremely sensitive, and acts just like "liquid light" from the angelic realm and universe. Selenite has a direct effect on the emotional body and activates aspects of our essential nature.

Currently Listed at $4500

(Plus applicable state sales tax, shipping and handling within the USA, Intl. shipping
will be priced according to country.  An additional invoice will be created for payment.)

To purchase, or for more information on this painting, contactartwork@lorieneck.com

detail of water 2 showing crystals in mixed media painting

Detail showing Selenite Crystals

image showing detail of water 2

image of water 2 in frame on wall

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