Cosmic Collection

Lorien's current works of art explore the interaction between the macro and micro cosmos, human consciousness, the elements and the ecological beauty that is Planet Earth. She offers sessions with individuals seeking self-understanding through her Soul Cosmology Paintings as well as offering creative process workshops for groups both nationally and internationally.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. The Cosmos is rich beyond measure- in elegant facts, in exquisite interrelationships, in the subtle machinery of awe.” ~ Carl Sagan

"When I saw your beautiful paintings I was immediately drawn to them and at first I wasn't sure what the connection was but after reading your bio I realized that some of your works were inspired by the images from the Hubble Space Telescope and that's when I realized the connection I felt to your pieces. I've have always loved the images from the Hubble and enjoy stargazing...seeing your artwork everyday truly brings me hope for the endless possibilities and inspires me to always keep dreaming just like I feel when I look up at the stars and wonder what the universe has in store next. Thank you for bringing me that feeling right into my own home. Thank you Lorien! Love it!"
~ J. Kwon, Los Angeles, CA

"Your Original Art Gem is unveiled in my living room! When I saw it I gasped. Having seen copies on emails, I couldn't know the experience of having an original to gaze at. I feel blessed, Divinely, to have this to gaze at whenever I choose. It will hang on the wall facing the Light as it moves through the day. Thank you for your Cosmic Gift reflecting your *Brilliance*. With Golden Love and Gratitude,
~ Kathleen Francis, Edina, MN

“Lórien Eck’s work is not only art, but also soul. When one considers the canvas, one is just beginning the journey. The hues, texture, and arrangement in the painting (from the Cosmic collection) that has chosen to stay with me through my healing process seem actually themselves to be canvasses for the work’s meaning. The two main colors, unbeknownst to Ms. Eck, were the same as those I voiced to my counselors to use in my guided imagery for healing. The forms are reminiscent of the healing I described to them. To gaze at this work of art and soul is to see the physical incarnation of the energy I have been working to gather and that is being directed my way. Viewing her other work, I can see how and why each piece finds its home. Lórien Eck’s gift is beyond artistic skill; it is intuitive vision, and that the end results should be at once so comforting and inspiring to look at is evidence of the power of her art.“
~ Kerri Pawlowski McCanna, Irvine, CA

thumbnail image of Swirl, a mixed media Painting for navigation to Swirl pagea mixedimage of cosmic clare 1 paintingimage of cosmic clare 2 painting
image of cosmic clare 3 paintinglove nebula painting - The Cosmic Collection by Lorien Eckcloud atlas painting - Lorien Eck Fine Art
cosmic XV painting - The Cosmic Collectionheart nebula II painting - Cosmos Artlagoon nebula III painting
omega nebula paintingorca nebula paintingphoenix nebula
lagoon nebula IV paintingorion nebula IV paintingblue pearl
mixed media painting mixed media painting tornado nebula
orion 1 paintingcosmic IX paintinglagoon nebula I painting
crab nebula paintingsoul nebula paintingorion nebula II
super nova W44cosmic XI paintingcosmic VII painting
merging clusters paintingorion nebula III paintingcosmic XII painting
carina nebula IV mixed media paintingheart nebula mixed media paintingcarina nebula I mixed media painting
mixed media painting mixed media painting mixed media painting
mixed media painting mixed media painting mixed media painting
mixed media painting mixed media paintingmixed media painting
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