Collection: Flora and Fauna

Flora and fauna. These words originate from the Latin language. Flora in Latin means the goddess of the flower. Flora is also derived from the word floral, which means relating to flowers. Flora is a group of indigenous plants in an ecosystem of a geographical region.

Fauna, according to Roman mythology, refers to the goddess of fertility. Fauna is sometimes referred to as Fauns, meaning forest spirits. Fauna is a group of indigenous insects, birds, reptiles and animals of any geographical region.

My intention for this Flora & Fauna Collection is to express and embody the magic, mystery and magnificence of our Mother Earth and her stunning eco-systems.

Hawai'i Ti Leaf

Image of Monarch Butterfly, a mixed media painting by Lorien Eck


Image of Butterfly 1, a mixed media painting by Lorien Eck

Butterfly 1

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