Collection: Inception


Inceptionwomb of creation mixed media painting - The Inception Collection by Lorien Eckfirebird mixed media painting
Up From Ashes - Fine Art by Lorien EckInception - by Lorien Eck

"I cannot say that I am the owner of one of Lórien Eck's paintings for I have always felt that once created the creation belongs to itself. Though I watch as her creation inspires me to dream in different colors & dimensions at every passing glance. It morphs as my moods and feelings do, almost matching what is in my heart & soul. Or those things that I wish.

I love that nothing is defined but rather allows me to see what is new & possible in every moment. I am lost in the cosmos of the artists dream forever moving in this majestic journey she has painted. Nothing is ever new about it yet it is timeless. I could not love such a thing more if I had a thousand eyes and as many years to gaze upon it."
~Lanna Rose Lanteigne, Toronto, Canada

Lorien Introducing her Art Collection at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel from Lorien Eck on Vimeo.

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