Collection: Angelics

"Lórien's art is not just beautiful. While the colors draw the eye, as one pauses to enjoy the design and variations in texture and depth, her art engages your heart through the experience. Some of the works are bright and joyous, others delve into an experience of consciousness and light. Others take away your breathe with their stunning yet intricate composition."
~ Diane Tillman, Living Values Education Author, Seal Beach, CA

“Recently, I acquired a painting from the very talented artist Lórien Eck and I must say, I couldn’t be more pleased. Intellectually, the painting has a very special dynamic i.e. colors, strokes, textures etc. Beyond the aesthetic pleasures, however, there is something more primal about her work. This painting seems to vibrate with a sense of healing energy. Yes, I said healing energy.

I believe that everyone puts a little bit of themselves in their work no matter what it may be. Fortunately, for us, Miss Eck has a very loving nature, she cares about humanity and her work reflects it in a glorious way. There is something very special about Lórien – I expect to see her work in galleries around the world very soon.”
~ Choury DeVelle, Anaheim, CA

"Lorien Eck's art is beyond beautiful. It is memories of our home as souls, of the fabric of our existence
in the place we emerged from and will return to. The vivid colors and haunting cosmic forms transport us
back to our core."

~Shepherd Hoodwin, author, "Journey of Your Soul" and "Opening to Healing"

divine sky painting - Angelic Collection of Fine Arthigher heart painting by Lorien Eck
mixed media painting mixed media painting Thumbnail image of Glow, a mixed media painting by lorien eck to navigate to glow page

grotte di nettuno vii mixed media painting - Earth & Above Collection by Lorien Eckcosmic 2cosmic 1
mixed media painting - Cosmic Art by Lorien Eckreef mixed media painting
Grotte di Nettuno IV paintinggrotte di nettuno V paintingcosmic 2
Seascape 1thumbnail of grotte di nettuno II paintingthumbnail of earthbelow grotte di nettuno ii paining

"Lórien is inspiring in so many ways that so little words are able to define her. Her art work is almost a better medium to understand her beauty, wisdom, free spirit and whimsical nature. Lorien is a blessing to this earth and her art connects me with this holy feeling she feeds me! If I could afford all the blasts of succulent gold and color of her artwork, I would decorate every space I occupy with them!"
~Mira Stern, San Francisco, CA

Lorien Introducing her Art Collection at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel from Lorien Eck on Vimeo.

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