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The inspiration for Fire and Water.
Legends speak of an ancient culture of advanced beings, submerged in the ocean and buried beneath the sands of time. Not of the lost city of Atlantis, but an entire continent known to us only as "Mu." The inhabitants of Mu are said to have been artistically and spiritually inclined, and those immortal energies live on in the paintings and vision of Lórien.

Is there a connection between Hawai'i and Mu?

The late James Churchward learned of Mu and its inhabitants by reading ancient tablets, written in a language known by only a handful of individuals more than a century ago. This once-thriving continent disappeared during cataclysmic shifts in the earth's crust, leaving no trace. But a continent that is returned to the earth's fiery core is destined to live again . . . and may be found, reborn in the Hawai'ian and Pacific islands, with a beauty that echoes in the paintings you see here.

Beyond the inspiration, what do these paintings speak of?
A tribute the power and purity of Fire and Water, Lórien's paintings capture the essence of these elements in their primal forms. The artworks of Water convey the fluidity of life. Our shared experience. And bring an oceanic reassurance to the ever-moving, emotional content of our lives. Water's presence provides sustenance, and is recognized for its power to attract wealth. The Fire series captures the dynamism and vitality of the earth. In all its forms, fire creates powerful transformation. And at the feet of earth's mighty volcanoes, fiery lava brings not only transformation, but the gift of life itself.

So open your mind to thoughts and feelings of unlimited power, possibility and the heart's passions, as captured in the essenceful series of Fire and Water by Lórien. 

mixed media painting entitled water II

fire II mixed media painting

Image of Air Series mixed media painting Air I


image of Earth I mixed media painting from the Earth Collection


image of Elements Collectibles - mixed media paintings by Lorien Eck

Elements Collectibles™

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