The subtle yet powerful atmospheric tones of Lórien's work makes her fine art the perfect fit for hotels, restaurants, spas, retreat centers and other hospitality settings. Lórien Eck Art & Design offers both original mixed-media paintings and limited-edition fine-art giclée prints. Prices for original artwork are available on request.

Hospitality Original Art Collection

Lórien Eck Art & Design is delighted to announce that we are featuring a selection of our original mixed media paintings creating warmth and character in a modern space. We are more than happy to offer a special Designer/Design Industry price for four or more of these one-of-a-kind, color-rich, high-texture paintings. Hospitality Art Collection Inquire via email to to explore and discuss your vision for Lórien Eck Fine Art giclées for your hospitality settings.

thumbnail of Tidal Mixed Media Painting for navigation to Tidal PageThumbnail Image of Ciel Mer XVI for navigationcosmic 5
ciel/mer XII paintingcosmic 1divine sky painting - Angelic Collection of Fine Art
higher heart painting by Lorien Ecklagoon nebula IV paintingorion nebula IV painting
528Hz mixed media paintingCiel Mer XIciel/mer XV painting
image of lorien eck's painting borealisimage of lorien eck's painting ciel mer VI for hospitality art

Archival Fine Art Giclées

A giclée is the contemporary rival of the lithograph. In the past few years technological
advances in the printing industry have provided the giclée print with a superior capacity
for color accuracy and archival capacity. Remarkable levels of print quality and color
accuracy make it difficult to tell the difference between an original and a giclée. Rigorous
testing for archival "light-fastness" ensures that the work you buy will retain its original
vibrancy for 80–100 years. For further information, see "About Giclée Prints" below.

A variety of sizes of Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are available from 7 x 10 inches to 24 x 32 inches on fine art paper or stretched canvas.

Please contact Lórien to discuss your vision and your project.

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image of lorien eck's painting tibesti mountains for hospitality art giclee

Tibesti Mountains
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

image of lorien eck's painting ciel mer III for hospitality art giclee

Ciel Mer III
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

image of lorien eck's painting firebird for hospitality art giclee

Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

image of lagoon nebula II giclee

Lagoon Nebula II
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

image of orion nebula hospitality giclee

Orion Nebula II
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

image of blue pearl hospitality art giclee

Blue Pearl
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

Earthscape II
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

image of soul nebula hospitality art giclee by lorien eck

Soul Nebula
Giclée on Fine Art Paper or Canvas

About Giclée Prints

Giclée printing uses ink jet to apply a stream of over 4,000 droplets of pigment per
second onto premium watercolor paper or canvas. Each tiny and precise droplet is smaller
than a human blood cell. This makes the resolution of the giclée print higher than a
traditional lithographic print, with dot pitch that is discernable only under high

Giclées also have a wide color spectrum that renders vivid, saturated colors, and a quality
that retains minute detail, subtle tones and blends. Giclée prints have won the recognition
of the fine art critics worldwide and enjoy an impressive exhibition record.