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 "Lórien is an upbeat, creative, knowledgeable educator who is a delight to work with. Her energy, innovative ideas, and follow-through make her a valuable member of any team. She inspires her students and fellow educators."
~Ted Lai, Education Development Executive at Apple

“Being Ms. Eck’s student throughout the high school was an unforgettable and an experience that I am grateful for. She helped me get into a college I wanted to attend and she help me be more productive, talkative and open minded about many things. I appreciate all the support she gave me, as well as her company as a fun, exciting and lovable teacher.”
~Jennifer Rivera

"Lorien Eck has an incredible level of caring for kids - her attention to detail and making sure her students absorb the substance of her teaching is extremely impressive. I was also deeply touched by how much her students not only respected her, but cared for her. She is the type of teacher that kids, schools and other teachers need right now! Sincerely, Anand"
~ Anand Chulani, Creative Consultant & Talent Coach at The Walt Disney Company

"Lórien has always impressed me with her deep desire and authentic wish to truly make the world a more beautiful place and to share her love and joy of creation with others. Over the years I have seen Lórien powerfully progress and eloquently evolve her talents and abilities as a visionary artist, a devoted teacher and inspirational soul. I would highly recommend Lórien's amazing art, her capacity as a facilitator and as a dear and trusted friend and colleague of collaboration! Thank You."
~Alicia Mary Smith (Andara Shekina) Energy Alchemist, Evolutionary Soul Coach, Vibrational Healer, Visionary WayShower

"I was thrilled to have Lórien teach her Playshop to my yoga students. She incorporated spiritual practices with creativity and helped the students explore their inner landscape with the use of art, intuition and paints. The result was very positive thanks to her mindful guidance, passion and expertise on the subject matter. I highly recommend Lórien!"
~Keren E. Bensoussan, Owner of Yoga Creative Center, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

“Ms. Eck is 1 in 6.9 billion. Her impeccable creativity, tremendous innovation, immeasurable talent, and exceptional teaching ability, distinguishes her from the other teachers I’ve had. No one else has impacted my spiritual and moral lifestyle than Ms. Eck.”
~Eber Benitez

“Ms. Lorien Eck is one of the most dedicated teachers I have had the pleasure of taking a course with. She differs from the rest of the teachers because her jocund nature makes her teaching lessons outstanding. Not only has Ms. Eck been my visual arts teacher, but also a counselor. She guided me throughout my college process and has been there whenever I have needed guidance. Ms. Eck, without a doubt, is one of the most loved in our school because we can always count on her as not only a teacher but an advisor!”
~Jazmine Castenada

“This friendly and loveable teacher has been in my life for four of my greatest years on this earth, and her productive personality and her spiritual, enlightened charisma has made my greatest years greater. As an art teacher Lórien, has taught me to be a more critical thinker than any of my core classes ever will.”
~Ian Alfon

“Ms.Eck’s class… is more than an regular art classroom, in there I feel at peace knowing that I will never feel anything else but acceptance. When she gives a smile while you’re at work, it’s as if like she already knows that your about to achieve greatness, in those small moment I feel capable of doing anything because I know she will always be in my side. This class is a beginning to create the artist in me.”
~Catherine Garcia

“I have experienced a lot of great things while I was in your class for my sophomore year I loved how you would tell us about the color’s and shapes of painting you would also educate us with history. You have educated me with your art knowledge. You have always believed in me & in your students by pushing us into doing better or to achieve are goals & by doing better in your class. Ms Eck always had us doing some kind of after school activity keeping us off the streets, not getting in trouble with law. Ms Eck always made me feel the great artist that I am now and I thank you for that.”
~Frank Villasenor

“Having Ms.Eck as my art teacher has opened my eyes to a new world. She showed me beautiful things that inspired me and she taught me how to express my self through art. She taught me so much as an art teacher and as the wonderful person she is.”
~Meris Hernandez

“Being in Ms.Eck’s class was very fun and interesting. Ms. Eck always acknowledged everyone’s work and would assist if anyone had any questions or troubles. The work given to us was always something different and fun at the same time. Thanks Ms. Eck!” ~Candy Zamboa

“Finally, it was that time of day at school that I enjoyed to be the most. Where my mind can flow freely and creatively. Ms. Eck was always the best in supporting my ideas and insights. It was always a pleasure being in her class. She’s so passionate when she teaches and always gives it her all. She’s most definitely a person who made high school a wonderful experience.”
~Julie Hernandez

“Ms. Eck is a wonderful and a kind-hearted teacher who does not judge her students, and has the patience to teach any student who is willing to learn. I can guarantee for any future students that they will not be disappointed because her class is a lot of fun and it’s very relaxing, and I especially loved going on field trips to art museums.”
~Astrea Martinez

“Being in your class was possibly the best experience of my high school life. It had a relaxing atmosphere unlike other classes. In your class I learned that if you follow your passion in life, you won’t have to work a day in your life. You’re #1 on my list Lorien! :)”
~Boris Gomez

“The Ms. Eck’s of this world are difficult and rare to find. As an educator, she has gone above and beyond teaching her students the importance of art, which is too often overlooked, and also by encouraging each and every one of them to reach their full potential as individuals. Ms. Eck opened up the doors to a world of color to a world where all of her students, including myself, felt safe and able to express ourselves and not feel judged.”
~Guadalupe Salgado